Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Clean Inbox Equals a Happy Geek

So over the past few hours I've been Geeking out, and decluttering an inbox.....its been a total chore.  More mental than physical...I got the physical part done earlier with my Geek Brigade at our local fit club.  Thats a whole other story....Continue reading about Clean inbox below.....

I'm not sure that you have experienced this pain, however I got over zealous with my subscriptions and courses and social media updates and found myself swimming in useless un-consumable information.

I've recently listened to a book, Less Doing, More Living - You can check it out here: http://lessdoing.com/

Its about simplifying, optimizing and automating things in your life....one of which is a clean inbox.

I'm going to get this weeded out, and then begins the fun of automated and using great tools as suggested in the book.

If you struggle with getting your poop in a group, then you've got to check this one out.

Get rocking on it today, Less Doing, More Living....and remember a Clean inbox equals a happy geek.

Geek Out Brigade
Do You love being a geek?  Well I'm looking for others to join the Geek Out Brigade.Click the Picture Above to find out more about joining.


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