Thursday, May 14, 2015

Need a little geek music in your life

So I needed a little music in my life....let the search begin, cuz Pandora, and Spotify isn't going to cut it tonight.

As I was working on my blogs this evening I needed a little geek sound playing in the background. There are nerd anthems, and so much more out on the net.  Here are 5 random links sharing geek music playlists, I found these are great to let your inner geek come out. 

Geek Music Playlist

And the one I settled on was from a fellow geek on YouTube, they have me covered with an awesome Geek Music playlist: So feed your creative geeky mind with some geek sounds while you work....find yourself humming with Yoda, and wanting to date an avatar. ;)

Hey by the way if you are looking to create a rebellion in your life, join arms with the Geek Out Brigade. We are helping geeks and nerds find their inner super hero. Here is the method we are using to create superheros: Get ready...cuz your inner Wolverine, Super Woman or Chewbacca is about to be exposed.


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