Thursday, April 21, 2016

5 Steps to Creating Your Inner Super Hero

What the what you say...??? There is no way I can be a superhero. Thats because you don't have the

5 Steps to Creating Your Inner Super Hero

Lets get started.
I hear it all the time,
  • I'm totally introverted.
  • I have no friends.
  • I've got no talents.
  • All I do is work.
The list goes on and on and on, and these are just things we tell ourself to remain comfortable.
There is something about living a comfortably uncomfortable life, that makes things so much more entertaining, and creates the opportunities to overcome the bull#$%@ story we tell ourself.
Sometimes these things that force us outside in to the comfortably uncomfortable are life changing items, illness, family changes (divorce, death etc), perhaps some therapy sessions, or finding the right blog to read frequently that changes your whole mindset.
So with that I want to expound on 5 Steps to Creating Your Inner Super Hero,  that we as a Geek, Nerd, and Desk Jockey can harness to create our inner Super Hero.

1. Put your favorite superhero shirt on under your other clothes.
Why would this work? Remember this is about changing your mindset....small simple things help us to make our unconscious doubting brain think I'm a freakn super hero under this geeky exterior.  Just think...Clark Kent....that dude is SUPERMAN!

2. Fall out of bed every morning and do pushups.
Now you are going...I hate working out...but getting that blood going early and often is a huge benefit to not only your health but your over all mindset.  Think Bruce Wayne shaking off a late night, knowing he beat some punks senseless the night before, drove a Masarati home from the party and slept like a king...before arising to Alfred coming in with breakfast.
-Note...Breakfast might not be included..unless you have a friend like Alfred.

3. Visualize the positive.
Daredevil had no eyesight...but he could see. Think daily with your inner mind, stop, listen, think, and listen some more.  Write down the impressions you receive.  When you come into doubt and uncertainty use this method to think it through, and release your inner sight.

4. Just Keep Swimming.
Yes I just said it. Dory the fish...could be your inner superhero.  When the times get tough, just take a deep breath and press on.  You don't have the heart of a jellyfish you have the heart of a Super Hero.

5. Positive Affirmation
Prince Adam...from He-Man this dude was carefree and worry free, and often times proceived as a coward....but when things got dicey he affirmed, in a loud voice, "BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL, I HAVE THE POWER!!!!" See what a out loud shout of "I CAN DO ALL THINGS!" or if you want to mimic all means scream that affirmation.  You may even have a few that you want to write down, commit to memory by reading daily and saying them in your moments of doubt or weakness.

So there you have it, 5 Steps to Creating Your Inner Super Hero.

I'm a geek, I have the power to do all things that I set my mind on.  If you are struggling and need that added push, I stand ready to push you. I HAVE THE POWER!
Head Geek


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